"Someone to tell it to is one 
          of the fundamental needs of
                 human beings." 
                  Miles Franklin 

    Making the first move into therapy is 
      a difficult step to take; talking to
      someone you don't know is a 
      daunting task. It is a risk worth
      considering because you know that    
      you need another point of view 
      during hard times. 

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Knowing that you need this other perspective is 
a strength, not a weakness, a well known truth  in the mental health field. Moving yourself out of static and toxic patterns is difficult. To make changes in your life, you need to  set aside the time and place to examine, and explore. You know, it is your life

Most would say that we don't get to choose where we come from, or undo mistakes we've made, but we can begin building fulfilling lives. Sometimes the truth doesn't feel good,and its hard to accept your imperfections. Hopefully, you keep in mind that everyone makes mistakes. 

Have you ever had the experience that what you are about to say isn't going to be received well, but you say it anyway? Probably, the same results occur. Habits, thoughts and actions are hard to change. So, what are you repeating? A pattern, or something you experienced as a child? More importantly, can you give up what doesn't work?


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