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“Listen. Slide the weight from your shoulders and move forward. You are afraid you might forget, 
but you never 
will. You will forgive 
and remember.” 
Barbara Kingsolver

verified by Psychology Today



· Individual Psychotherapy   
  for Adults and Family
· Treatment to reduce  
  depression and anxiety

·  Increasing Parenting Skills
·  Couples Counseling
·  Family Therapy

·  Anger Management
·  EMDR 

Modalities include, cognitive behavioral therapy, the use of polyvagal theory, 

and psychodynamic techniques. Treatment combines alternatives for the reduction of symptoms of depression and anxiety, increasing intimacy in relationships, reducing social problems and family stress. I take a thorough trauma history to better understand how clients are triggered. Polyvagal theory, and Somatic techniques can assist in resolving issues in a way that talk therapy doesn't address. Please ask more about this, if you are interested. I will work with you and your significant others to reduce triangulations, and increase empathy for one another. Often, substance abuse problems are overlooked, and these issues have a profound effect on the family system, so these complications will be explored as well. Substance users are often unknowingly enabled in families, so it's important to find out how this is happening. 

All techniques are adapted to each person specifically. I do what works, 
and proceed according to a client's needs and perspective. I’m inspired 

by boosting connections, and will work hard in assisting you to find hope 

and positive influence, so that you and your significant others begin 

to enjoy the benefits of reaffirmed strength. 

Call today, don't hesitate. Frequently people talk themselves 

out of coming to therapy. 

Call to arrange a time at:

If your call is an emergency, to insure 
the safety of yourself and others, 
please call 911. 

The following forms are available to download, fill out, sign, and bring to session. 

Be aware that they are PDF's that you can't alter.



Below is a standard HIPAA notice of privacy, but it's not necessary to bring to 

session. You may read it at your convenience.


The form below is necessary if you have been seen by others, or request information 

to be shared.





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