Thoughts on Relationships

It’s time to get out in the air. You have to be selfish about
air, you know, breathe deep. Drink a lot of water too. Air
and water, food, and shelter, are essential components to life.
Relationships add that thrill to the ride. You might be longing
for that thrill or you might be involved with someone already,
looking to get that thrill back. Perhaps you’ve reached the
three year stalemate, when your partner begins to have a
certain tarnish, and has lost that golden glow they once had.
Relationships are hard work. A long term relationship needs
attention, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Reaching
three years is now the equivalent to the “seven year itch”
it used to take for couples to start getting tired of each
other. Now is the time you have to set the stage for the
passion that spontaneously occurred between the two
of you in the beginning of the relationship. That means
putting down your electronics, iphone, ipod, laptop, or
other assorted electronics, and look your love in the eyes.

It could be a matter of timing. Timing is essential to love.
It could be the right time, “all systems go,” but that person
isn’t perfect, mannerly enough, or beautiful, and you
count them out. How many chances do you get
when it comes to love? How many lives do you
have to live? Life is short, and you have limited
time. Many answers you will find regarding your
relationship look the same, it’s like not being able
to see the forest thru the trees. You can lose your
sense of direction, get hung up on specific problems,
and sit in a lumpish state of frustration. Not finding
your sense of timing throws you off again, it’s like
having brain freeze, and life doesn’t make sense, nor
does your partner who you have been fighting with.
Too much time spent on arguing about the little
things, leaves you hurrying to address the bigger
picture, the subjects you fear. Address fearful topics
with care, but don’t avoid them. Time will grind you
down, leaping forward would be a better risk worth
taking. Run across the field to your love.

“You have to walk carefully in the beginning of love;
the running across fields into your lover’s arms can only
come later when you’re sure they won’t laugh if you trip.”
Jonathan Carroll “Outside The Dog Museum”

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