About April Scott, LCSW

I’m a therapist, a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW), and I have been practicing for about 14 years. I enjoy assisting people in finding strength they didn’t know they had. It is often difficult to maneuver through life’s ups and downs. Good and bad things happen whether we like it or not. Humanity and you are in a constant state of moving and changing.  Sometimes you just want another’s perspective for validation and support. Sometimes you are in a rut, and have trouble adjusting to change, feeling resistant to taking a plunge into deeper waters, or thinking that everything is fine the way it is. Sometimes change brings about feelings of fear, and fear is a powerful deterrent to change. Everyone has their own way of processing, pacing, and moving towards growth. My blog will address different aspects of life, living, growing, finding tolerance, and creating breathing room and space for those that you love.


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